Introduction to quantum computer technology

24 04 2008

Here is an interesting article: An Overview of Quantum Computing for Technology Managers. As the title says, it is aimed at the technology managers. This means that there is no formula and that this paper can be read by everybody.

In 20 pages, you will have an overview of the currently very active field of quantum computing. A short presentation of the two most important quantum algorithms are given which are the Grover’s algorithm (database search algorithm) and the Shor’s algorithm (integer factorization algorithm). Simulation,  cryptography and security are also discussed.

I did not read the whole article, but it does not seem to discuss about the concrete applications. One could think that we are still far from building a quantum computer. But a Canadian company seems to be much closer than the scientific community would have thought. See here and here for some comments about this company. Did they build a real quantum computer? Some people are skeptical…




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