TOP 1.1.0 milestone 1

6 08 2008

The first milestone release of the next version of Talend Open Profiler is out!!

About the new features:

  • A “Result” tab has been added to the analysis editor in which result values are in tables.
  • In the indicator selector pop-up, a full row can be checked with one click.
  • You can start doing data quality monitoring by setting thresholds on indicators: when the thresholds are not respected, result is highlighted in red color in the Result tab of the analysis editor.
  • A new kind of analysis is provided: The connection analysis. But beware that the filter do not work yet. This means all tables are scanned. Don’t use it on big databases yet.
  • Regular Patterns can be imported from an Excel file.
  • A new type of Indicator has been created for SQL patterns. This allows you to create your own patterns to put in “LIKE” clause.
  • A menu “Column analysis” has been added on Table elements to profile all columns of one or several tables with a few clicks.
  • A new view outputs some details on the selected objects.
  • You can now see what objects are analyzed without having to open the analysis editor

You are welcome to suggest new features or report bugs in Talend’s bugtracker.




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