What’s in your databases?

2 10 2008

Often you only know approximately what’s in your databases. Data profiling tools can help you to get a better idea of your database content. The goal of a data profiler is not to analyze your data in depth but to give you at a glance the main features of your data. Especially, data profilers can give you information about missing data, duplicates, badly formatted data, invalid data (out of range, incorrect business pattern…)

Talend Open Profiler (TOP) can help you to explore your data. The latest version is the 1.1.0. Its official documentation is available here. A lot of other informations can be found on the Data Quality Pro website which also made a 21 page tutorial for addressing your data quality issues with Talend Open Profiler and their free DQ Pattern analyser.

This tutorial shows you how to use TOP to explore your data and gives a lot of tips about how to interpret your profiling results. And this is really important, because you can profile easily your data and produce nice graphics with TOP, but if you don’t know what to do once you obtained the results, then profiling your data did not really help you to enhance your data quality. The tutorial also presents a very useful function called “DQ Pattern analyser” that lists the patterns existing in the data. It helps you to quickly see what’s wrong with your data and permits to identify rare occurences.
This function does not exists yet in TOP, but it will be implemented for the next version along with other new features.

By the way, if you are missing a feature, it’s time to tell Talend’s team which new feature would be great to be in TOP.




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