Manage your data quality projects

9 03 2009

Here is an interesting screencast about how to create in 16 minutes a web repository to manage your data quality projects.

This application allows you to define data quality tasks and assign them to people. If you are starting a new data quality project, this example application can really help you to structure and organize your project.

In the last milestone version of Talend Open Profiler, it’s possible to define tasks attached to your analyses or to your other items such as a database table or column… This feature should help you to manage your data quality projects at the user level.
Try it.

Source: How to create an online data quality rules repository.




2 responses

24 06 2010
Rosita Wainer

Please, cant you help me about talend?
I can´t search (and download) the componentes tFuzzyUniqRow and tFuzzyJoin
Thanks a loot

(Sorry, about my English)

24 06 2010

Dear Rosita,

These components are only available with the Talend Data Quality products. Please contact for more information.

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