Using regular expressions when profiling SQL Server with Talend Open Profiler

28 08 2009
Email column analysis

Email column analysis

By default, SQL Server does not provide integrated functions to do pattern matching with regular expressions. If you want to use Talend Open Profiler to analyze the matching of your data against some regular expressions (for example to analyze a column that contains emails, dates,…) you need to install a CLR User-Defined Function (UDF) on your SQL Server.

Amine who has done an internship at Talend has tried it. He provided us a step-by-step user guide about how to create the UDF, install it on your SQL Server and call it from Talend Open Profiler. This will allow you to use all predefined patterns to ensure the quality of your data.

You can also find new regular expressions for Talend Open Profiler in Talend Exchange.




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31 08 2009

Thanks Sebastiao ,

If any one needs more help to install this or others functions , be free to contact me.

7 12 2010

Thank you Sebatiao

I have gone through all the trouble of getting Visual Studio Pro 2005 and what not to find out that my TDQ 4.0.1 has not got the UDF function under preferences… are there any workarounds for this?


7 12 2010

Hi Pinback,
The preference page existed in older version of the profiler because there was no access to the indicators. Now, you can edit the indicators directly in “Libraries/Indicators/System Indicators/”.
You need to add the SQL template appropriate to your database (MS SQL) in the Regex Matching indicator. See more details on Talend’s forum.

8 12 2010

Hi scorreia

Thank you very much for the speedy reply, much appreciated. Will have a look at the topic

24 03 2011

Hi Scorreia…

I have found the UDF in Talend, but what is the fuction i need to add in the field?

24 03 2011

Sorry, my bad… what id like to know what the template should look like. Sorry, new to all of this 🙂

24 03 2011

If your function is called RegExMatch, then the template should look like this:


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