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8 12 2009


I got your name from talend website. Could you please provide me some guidance on how to start conributing to the TALEND community?


8 12 2009

Hi Gourav,

to start contributing to the Talend Community, have a look at the forge: http://www.talendforge.org/

You can participate in translations of the tools (Babili project), follow discussions on the forum, report any bug that you find in our products, share product extensions (in Exchange), create components…
The source is also available if you want to contribute at this level.

Thanks for your interest.

19 03 2010

I am turning out to be a big fan of Talend. However, what frustrates me is the lack of documentation on the products. I could be wrong but I do not see much of documentation. I do participate in the forums but hesitate to invest time in working on the tool as much as I would like because of the lack of time in investigating the products. Am I missing something? Is there detailed documentation that I haven’t seen yet? Do let me know. Thanks Scott.

19 03 2010


did you look at the tutorials at http://www.talendforge.org/tutorials/menu.php
There you will get started in a few minutes.

You may also find the complete user guides in pdf at
http://www.talend.com/resources/documentation.php ?

There is also a lot of integrated documentation in the products themselves. For example, in Talend Open Studio, you access to the documentation and scenario of each component via the “F1” key. In Talend Open Profiler, there are some cheat sheets that helps you to create your first profiling analyses…

If you don’t find what you’re looking for within these resources, don’t hesitate to leave a post on the forum http://www.talendforge.org/forum/ someone will guide you to the appropriate documentation or give you advice about your request.

20 05 2010
John Barnes

I can’t believe you are defending Talend.

Talend’s products are some of the worst produced pieces of software available. They are buggy to the point they are unusable and are poorly designed (from a usability perspective).

It is crazy to even think people out there think Talend is a good tool. They’ve either never used it, or not used it for anything other than a “hello world” project.

21 05 2010

Hi John,

I will not say that Talend’s tools are bug free. Just look at our bugtracker. But I don’t think that you can say it’s unusable. A lot of people are using it in their everyday work.
I invite you to declare all bugs that you found on our bugtracker (some people won prizes at some time for doing so) or to discuss your issues on the forum. I’m sure you could find some help there to do something better than a “hello world” 😉

24 06 2011
Rob Oaks

Hi Sebastiao:

My name is Rob Oaks (http://www.linkedin.com/in/roboaks) and I am a senior technologist leading a new data migration/integration practice at ITS Data Services (http://www.jmvservices.com/). Since 1989 we have been providing exceptional technical services to the insurance industry and we are strongly considering the adoption of the Talend ETL (TOS/TIS)and data scrubbing (DQ) suite for a broad range of insurance data scenarios. The adoption of Talend is an enormous, strategic commitment on our part—a commitment that, to meet my expectations, will require an extraordinary and sustained technical effort.

For the forseeable future, I plan to do all of the Talend work myself. I will do so with the focus and obsessiveness (in the best sense of the word!) that has been my hallmark. I do not need webinars, trainings, or hand holdings. What I do need—beyond the invaluable technical docs and collective ecosystem knowledge that I will certainly absorb—is best practice guidance from a Talend mentor of exceptional ability. I took this approach to ascending the Salesforce learning curve a couple years ago and it was extremely successful for us, as well as very satisfying for the consultant that mentored me.

I am contacting you because, as the Talend DQ R&D lead, and with your obvious technical depth, I’m hoping you can refer me to someone with the requisite profile who might be interested in this kind of consulting engagement. To be clear, I need a Talend mentor who is 1) technically very strong, very experienced, and very detailed with respect to Talend TOS/TIS and, hopefully, DQ as well, 2) a good communicator, 3) a compulsive type (like me!), who doesn’t just try to solve technical problems, but solves them in elegant, maintainable, architecturally aware ways.

In a typical arrangement, I would purchase a block of consulting hours and have the ability to reach the consultant via email/IM and voice. I would expect a reasonable response time but would be very flexible and accomodating. I would be fine with someone located in Europe (4-6 hour time difference), but could not work with someone in Asia (9-12 hour difference).

I am, of course, aware of the official Talend support offerings but, unfortunately, they just don’t meet our needs.

Can you help me Sebastio?

Kind Regards,
Rob Oaks

24 06 2011

Hi Rob,

I will send your request to some people I know and who could be interested.

Talend also has several partners. Would you want to be in contact with them?

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