Want to create a startup?

16 10 2008

Before you start to create your startup, listen to (or read) Bill Inmon’s advice.

Some things that you must keep in mind are:

  • be pragmatic: “build what you can sell”, “95% of the startup resources will go to marketing and sales.”
  • protect your work “intellectual property is the backbone of the startup”
  • be ready for competition “competition is lurking behind every shadow and every bush”
  • business is business, don’t keep unproductive people “Get rid of unproductive people quickly”
  • Remember that a lot of money is needed to start because there is a “long way to go before there is any income”
  • But avoid venture capitalists at all costs
  • “be flexible” and adapt your business plan

I have not created a startup, but as I work in a startup, I can see how these advice are more or less followed by my employers. And these advice apply to open source editors too as soon as they need to make money.