Google Notebook new features

2 11 2007

Google has added two new features to its Notebook:

  1. Each note can now have tags.
  2. Each note has a date.

I was particularly missing the second feature. The date of a note is really an important information ! And I am now happy to know when I wrote my notes.


My first post

21 09 2007

This is my new blog. It will be about everything related to my new work.

I recently join the Talend team. I am proud to be now a member of the open source community as Talend is an open source software editor in the domain of ETL tools.

I won’t tell here in details what kind of subjects I will talk about. I don’t know yet exactly, but it will be probably be about Java development, data quality and a lot of other interesting topics…

Until I have something more interesting to say, you can have a look at the different RSS feeds I collected on business intelligence and development.