11 06 2009

How to avoid that svn+ssh always asks for the password:

1. create a ssh key: ssh-keygen (without a passphrase or it will be asked each time you do an update)

2. connect to the remote server via ssh

3. edit or create a file “.ssh/authorized_keys” and put the content of your local “.ssh/” file (if the “.ssh” folder does not exist, execute “ssh-keygen” in order to generate it. Then remove the generated key files: “id_rsa” and “” which are not required)




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28 12 2010

For security, it would be better to use a passphrase then you can use an ssh-agent to automatically login for you. Take a look near the end of this post to see how to set it up:

Stay secure and happy svn!

3 01 2013
Free computer support

Thanks for the info provided. How can I make it with Mandriva?. Thanks

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